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First Energy Solutions Provider Inc

Dedicated to all forms of clean alternative and natural energy, we strive for excellence in solar and wind energy resource systems. 
Premium quality equipment that is built for the specific application and always repairable equipment sets us apart from other energy supply and service companies. 
We have international electrical engineers on staff full time keep us up to date with new and developing systems while at the same time we are steadily creating new devices and ways of building more efficient and lower cost equipment for our clients.  Our installation and electrical equipment is heavily built to far exceed standard life cycles.

New PV cells for 2015 we have 4 new PV cell types available.
New cells allow 340watts per panel with no physical panel size changes.  High efficiency cells made by.

NSP (Taiwan) and JA (China)
Motech (Taiwan) and Jetion (China)

Major PV module brands we carry and supply.


Custom single axis tracking systems are now available in the Philippines.

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