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Our range of power generation products in the Philippines

Power storage devices are currently limited to battery types lead acid and nickel iron in type.  These storage options are proven technology which is relatively low in cost and are proven to work for the application designed. 

Lead acid batteries are VLRA AGM in type, these are sealed valve regulated with the acid suspended in glass matting and with the ability to function in any position.  The casing is designed for high pressure so the gasses released in charge cycles can be recombined into liquid thus making the batteries maintenance free.  Our lead acid batteries are extra dense, manufactured under strict international design protocols and to international certifications.  With a 3 year warrantee and 15 year design life these battery design life can be greatly extended with use in a properly designed system.

Nickel iron type batteries are designed for more than 25 years service life with maintenance every 15 years to extend life to more than 100 years.  These batteries originally designed in the early 1900's have proven themselves in military, rail, telecommunications and off grid storage.  While maintenance is required this type of battery is extremely durable and can take the most harsh operational conditions.  This type of battery does not use acid so are not hazardous, the electrolyte when changed brings the batteries back to full capacity.  These are the best option for long term installation and service life.

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